Over 70 Education Sessions to Choose From!

GBTA Convention 2017 will feature more business travel industry education sessions than ever before to help attendees find the right balance in their travel management roles.

Tracks to include:

Take the next step in your career with these advanced educational offerings designed for experienced attendees. Find out what you need to manage, and lead, successful corporate travel programs.

Share the latest solutions and best practices with your peers during these interactive, audience-driven sessions designed to tackle the subjects that most interest YOU, the travel professional.

Travel professionals rely on accurate data to make good business decisions and run successful managed travel programs. Streamline how your program aggregates and analyzes data in today’s data-driven world.

Efficient global travel programs are crucial in our increasingly interconnected world. Discover new technologies and practices to incorporate into your policies in order to truly globalize your travel program.

Effective business leadership is a requirement for career advancement. Discuss communications strategies and other leadership skills necessary to advance in the business travel industry.

Policies on hotels, lodging and long-term housing seem to change on a yearly basis. Stay up-to-date on the latest policies and how they can affect your travel program.

Event planning has become an increasingly difficult balancing act as new options emerge each year. Explore the various obstacles and opportunities, from venue selection to personnel management and logistics, which are needed to pull off the perfect event.

Implementing new payment methods can enhance your organization’s ability to conduct business. Learn the benefits of electronic payment solutions and find out how to adopt virtual payments in your program.

Budgeting and contracting are two of the most important aspects of any efficient travel program. Keep your procurement process organized as the industry’s leading experts provide tips and best practices.

Efficient travel management starts with having an effective program strategy in place. Learn the fundamental and advanced components of building and maintaining a detailed corporate travel strategy.

Travel risks associated with the current technological, environmental and geopolitical landscape affect how your clients conduct business. Identify the latest risks—and find out how to address them with policy.

Corporate social responsibility is one of the key indicators that differentiate the industry’s most widely known and recognized travel programs and suppliers from the rest of the pack. Compare your organization’s sustainability practices to industry standards and learn which sustainability policies to implement for your organization.

The evolution of travel management has coincided with the introduction of new technologies that have emerged to address the changing landscape. Stay up-to-date with the latest innovations in business travel and discover how modern and cutting edge solutions can benefit your program.

Measure the effectiveness of your program’s transportation policies with data-driven analyses into today’s most prominent challenges in ground and air travel.