The Corporate Travel Team Program was introduced in 2015 to help companies like yours bring more of your global travel buyer team to GBTA Convention. Since its inception, the number of companies participating in this program have more than doubled! Find out how you can bring your entire global corporate travel team to GBTA Convention 2018, at a price you can afford.

4 out of 5 attendees would recommend GBTA Convention 2017 to a colleague.

Here’s how it works:

Organizations will receive unlimited complimentary buyer registrations after four (4) paid registrations.  Attendees must be active, direct members of GBTA to qualify.

Organizations bringing 4+ buyers to Convention 2018 will receive:

  • $100 off the current registration rate for the first four (4) paid buyer member registrations along with complimentary registrations after the first four (4) paid buyer member registrations
  • One (1) reserved table during one of the Convention Arena Luncheon
  • One (1) meeting room at the San Diego Convention and Exhibition Center for one (1) full day
  • Preferred housing at the Convention 2018 host hotel (Limited availability. Early registration is strongly recommended.)

If you are ready to begin the process for your organization, please fill out the form below or contact Kia Davis at +1 703 236 1105 or