GBTA Convention 2021 - Sustainability Initiatives

Ways to be greener while attending GBTA Convention 2021



Public Transportation

Use public transportation or ride share to and from the Convention Center.

Go Wireless

Don't print - go wireless! Carry your mobile device and use our free wifi to save on paper.


Recycle your paper, plastic and glass in the receptacles in each meeting room/pre-function area.




GBTA Sustainability Initiatives

As in years past, GBTA will implement green initiatives at Convention 2021. We will support these initiatives by:

  • Offering online registration and housing
  • Emailing badges for proofing prior to printing onsite
  • Increasing use of digital signage and monitors
  • Increasing use of the GBTA mobile app 
  • Utilizing electronic mail for marketing and communication purposes
  • Contracting to work with sustainable service providers and facilities
  • Working with catering to utilize local products and donate excess food or waste
  • Providing recycling bins in various locations throughout the Convention
  • Encouraging exhibitors to recycle unused materials
  • Donating unused convention bags to local charities and/or schools


Orange County Convention Center

By attending an event hosted by the Orange County Convention Center (OCCC), The Center of Hospitality, attendees support one of the most innovative, large-scale sustainability programs in the United States. The OCCC has demonstrated industry and community leadership by pioneering pathways for large venues to achieve continuously improving levels of sustainability stewardship. Below are some of the initiatives attendees can enjoy during their visit to the OCCC.


Walkability & Mobility

  • Pedestrian Bridges - Continued build-outs of safe, direct connections from adjoining hotels to the OCCC
  • Alternative Transportation Programs - Fostering visitor and building occupant use of multiple alternative transportation options to and from the OCCC



  • Center-to-Table Gardens - New indoor vertical gardens producing fresh, delicious vegetables and herbs from the Westwood Lobby. In partnership with Centerplate, our exclusive food service partner, the OCCC is proud to be a leader in innovative urban agriculture.
  • Food Donations - Assisting clients who send over 25,000 pounds of food annually to local community organizations like Second Harvest of Central Florida, Christian Service Center, and the Ronald McDonald House Charities
  • Composted Food Waste - Food scraps that can’t be donated are recycled into electricity and fertilizer
  • Natural Gas - 85% use of natural gas for cooking OCCC kitchens



  • District Energy Program – The OCCC is part of an innovative chilled water production agreement with OUC Cooling which provides energy efficient and environmentally friendly air conditioning to Convention District hotel participants.
  • Renewable Energy - The OCCC campus provides five different solar energy programs used by clients and other stakeholders for demonstration, training and research.
  • Building Efficiency - The OCCC incorporates natural lighting, advanced technology and employee ingenuity to achieve buildings which are 87% more energy efficient per square foot than similar buildings.



  • Low Impact Development - Aesthetically pleasing and innovative stormwater treatments are used on campus and redirected to natural waterbodies.
  • Water Efficiency - Bathrooms use 15% less water than building codes mandate and 100% reclaimed water is used to irrigate the OCCC's 400 acre campus.



  • Waste Reduction - OCCC works with clients and contractors to reduce event waste by 53% since 2004.
  • Recycling Receptacles - Our recycling and waste bins on campus were made from used plastic milk jugs and 100% solar energy.


GBTA invites you to learn more about the sustainability efforts at the Orange County Convention Center here.