Convention Arena Luncheon
Tuesday, August 14
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Made possible by

Kevin O’Leary

Investor on ABC’s Shark Tank, Chairman of O’Shares ETF Investments Financial Group, and Bestselling Author

From modest beginnings to a renowned venture capitalist and star investor on ABC’s "Shark Tank", Kevin O’Leary is celebrated as one of North America’s most successful business entrepreneurs. Distinguished by his frank approach and notable financial expertise, O’Leary delivers behind-the-scenes insight on his journey to success, discussing challenges faced, risks taken, lessons learned and everything there is to know about business, money and life.

In 1986, O’Leary co-founded SoftKey Software Products. The first software company to apply the principles of consumer goods marketing to the software industry, it grew quickly as the price of personal computers declined and millions of North American families began to buy software for family education and entertainment. In 1996, it changed its name to The Learning Company and a year later, the company acquired three competitors, resulting in annual sales over $800 million, 2,000 employees and subsidiaries in 15 countries. In 1999, the Mattel Toy Company acquired The Learning Company for $4.2 billion.

He currently serves as the Chairman of O’Shares ETF Investments, as a board member of The Richard Ivey School of Business, and as a member of Boston’s Hamilton Trust. The author of three bestselling books, O’Leary outlines his insights on making, saving and growing money in his Cold Hard Truth series.

In his unique, candid style, O’Leary delivers an unforgettable presentation, revealing how to turn talents into profits; build a dream team; transform adversity into opportunity; and create and grow your business—and your money.