GBTA Convention 2019 - WINiT Summit 2019 – Chicago


Coming to GBTA Convention this year is WINiT Summit 2019 – Chicago. This one-day event on Saturday, August 3, brings together professionals of all levels for the sole purpose of positively changing the careers and lives of women in travel-related industries. The one-day event features first-in-class women’s leadership content delivered by a diverse collective of speakers representing a range of industries, experiences, and perspectives. More than an education experience, WINiT Summit attendees will be inspired through productive discussions about the challenges and successes women experience along their career journey.


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WINiT Summit

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  • Saturday, August 3
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Opening Remarks  
Christle Johnson, GBTA President
Emerging Technology - The Good, the Bad, and the Scary
Speaker: Alan Snitow,
Founder, Round Edge Consulting 

FOCUS: Business Trends and Impact

We live in a time of rapid technological change, where those who innovate and adapt succeed and those who do not are disrupted. In today’s world where the line between personal and professional has blurred, the technologies, experiences, and expectations created by emerging technologies need to be understood for their ability to change both how you will live and how you will work. This session will identify some of the most exciting technologies and their potential to effect your world as an employee, as a human, and as a woman. Gain insight and understanding into where emerging technologies are heading, their implications for the travel and hospitality industry, and how women in particular may be affected.  

GBTA & WINiT: Leading The Industry In Diversity & Inclusion 

Moderator:  Dorothy Dowling, Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer
Best Western Hotels & Resorts

President, Allied Leadership Council GBTA

Scott Solombrino, Executive Director & COO, GBTA
Bhart Sarin, Corporate Procurement, Ingredion Incorporated  
Christle Johnson - Vice President, Travel & Business Services, Johnson Downie LLC

Hear from GBTA’s Board on the importance of diversity and inclusion in the travel industry and the future vision for WINiT By GBTA 


Knowing Enough to be Dangerously Effective
Speaker: Tammy Gillis, CEO and Founder, Gillis Consulting

FOCUS: Sales & Influence

Sales is the lifeblood of all organizations and yet according to ManpowerGroup, Sales is in the top five hardest jobs to fill and is a highly sought-after skill. Sales is also an essential life skill that successful business owners recognize and therefore; continue to hone and develop. Much of what we do every day is directly connected to our ability to influence others.  Essentially, your ability to communicate effectively will determine your results. Develop your sales skills around the key success factors required to develop and lead a sales focused team and engage in a sales framework that will empower you to lead and influence people in any situation.

Learning From The Leaders, Honing Your Sales Skills 

Moderator: Kristen Shovlin, Vice President – Sales & Operations, Delta Airlines

Traci Mercer, Senior Vice President – Lodging, Ground & Sea – Sabre Corporation
Mary Ellen George-Hess, Head of North America, Tramada Systems, 
Becca Rabinowitz - Director, Strategic Business Lines, SpotHero 

Hear from senior female sales executives who will share the secrets of their success as they discuss the application of fundamental sales principles and how these have positively impacted their businesses.

Power Networking Lunch (with panel)

Diversity and Inclusion From a buyer’s perspective                                                                    

Moderator:  Beth Kinerk, Senior Vice President Sales, AvisBudget Group

Delores Alexander, Vice President of the Manufacturing, Supply Chain & Operations, The Boeing Company
Mick Lee, Founder, WINITforWomen, Managing Director, Global Head of General and Shared Services, BNY Mellon, Vice-Chair

Industry buyer’s share their perspective on the importance of aligning with companies who support social responsibility and the career development of women; diversity and inclusion is a strong factor in making buying decisions and partnering strategically with like-minded companies.

From Average to Awesome – How Owning Your Strengths Will Change Your Life

Speaker: TBD

FOCUS: Professional Confidence and Teamwork ​

Identify the correlation between confidence and teamwork and how it can impact your relationships and career.

What makes one person win a promotion, project or resources when others with equal levels of experience do not?  Often it comes down to confidence and their ability to meaningfully market themselves throughout the organization.  Join us for a dynamic, interactive skill building workshop to identify your core strengths, build your brand and leverage your confidence in the workplace. 

Utilizing Financials for Strategic Decisions and Important Shifts

Speaker: Katherine Speiss, Professor – Notre Dame University

FOCUS: Finance & Business Results

Learn how to apply basic financial principles to build and strengthen your business case. Whether you are approaching your boss with a new product proposal or your client on a new business opportunity, financial analysis can help you seal the deal.


A Guide to Positive Disruption: Find and Implement Constructive Changes that Help Your Company and Yourself

Speaker: Joanna Martinez, Author and Consultant & Industry Leaders 

FOCUS: Negotiation & Change Management

No one is immune to disruption. However, with the right process, you can take lessons from the inevitable churn and turn it into something positive for yourself and for those on your team. This session describes tips, tools, and techniques to become an effective agent of constructive change. She demonstrates how to roll with the punches of negative upheavals and gives you the knowledge you need to become a positive disruptor.

Roll with the punches of negative upheavals and stay focused on bringing positive changes to your organization, find new business ideas and sell them effectively internally, be seen as a leader of constructive change and stand apart for the contribution you make.

Change Leadership – Becoming An Agent of Positive Change
Senior sales and people leaders share their stories about how they have led positive change within their organizations.

Keynote Speaker: Harnessing Headwinds of Change

Colonel Nicole Malachowski, Retired US Air Force Officer

FOCUS : Inspirational Leadership - Changing Direction

In flying, headwinds slow you down. At their worst, they cause you to change your plans and impact the effectiveness of weapons in combat. Headwinds demand that pilots be resilient and resourceful, literally on the fly. “Headwinds are the perfect metaphor for the change impacting organizations and individuals today,” says 21-year Air Force veteran Nicole Malachowski. A former fighter squadron commander and mission-ready pilot in three operational fighter squadrons and the first woman to fly on the Air Force Thunderbirds

Closing Remarks
Dorothy Dowling, President, Allied Leadership Council
Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer
Best Western Hotels & Resorts

President, Allied Leadership Council GBTA
Agenda subject to change. All events take place at the Chicago Convention Center unless otherwise noted.

Keynote Speakers

Colonel Nicole Malachowski 

Retired United States Air Force Officer

Alan Snitow

Founder, Round Edge Consulting

Tammy Gillis

CEO and Founder, Gillis Consulting & Training Inc.

Katherine Spiess

Associate Professor of Finance
Mendoza College of Business
University of Notre Dame

Joanna Martinez

Founder, Supply Chain Advisors, LLC



Dorothy Dowling

Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer

Best Western Hotels & Resorts

President, Allied Leadership Council GBTA


Kristen Shovlin

Vice President, Sales Operations and Development, Delta Air Lines


Scott Solombrino

Executive Director & COO, GBTA


Bhart Sarin

Director of Procurement Operations and Travel, Ingredion Incorporated


Christle Johnson, CCTE, GLP, GTP

Vice President, Travel & Business Services, Johnson Downie LLC

President, Global Business Travel Association


Traci Mercer

Senior Vice President – Lodging, Ground & Sea – Sabre Corporation


Mary Ellen George-Hess

Head of North America, Tramada Systems


Becca Rabinowitz

Director, Strategic Business Lines, SpotHero


Beth Kinerk

Senior Vice President, Avis Budget Group, Inc.


Delores Alexander

Vice President of the Manufacturing, Supply Chain & Operations (MSC&O)
Indirect Supply Chain Organization
The Boeing Company


Michelle ‘Mick’ Lee

Founder, WINITforWomen

Managing Director,
Global Head of General and Shared Services
BNY Mellon

Vice-Chair, WINiT Strategic Advisory Board
Global Business Travel Association

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