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Education Sessions

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Creating a Safety Awareness Program for Business Travelers

Companies and organizations must do everything they can to protect travelers' health and safety during business trips. Having the right tools and education to empower business travelers is critical to successful business operations, reducing risks and ensuring peace of mind.   We will explore how leaders in the global business travel industry can create a security awareness program to meet their specific needs.  We will discuss where to start, what is most effective and what should be prioritized.

Virtual Technology & Engagement Strategies for Meetings Programs

Learn about how our industry experts have organized in the new world of M&E, how have they revised their program strategy and policy to ensure they can deliver meetings & events across virtual, hybrid & live settings. How is technology being used and what tools are essential for your meetings owners within your SMM program to drive experience and engagement across all types of meetings. Teaching moments along the way and best advice to others as we continue to evolve our programs in this constantly changing landscape.

Brought to you by the GBTA Meetings & Events Committee

Let’s Get Real About Sustainable Travel

Attention to sustainable travel has waxed and waned over the past several decades, and 2019 saw a resurgence in interest. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, is this renewed focus here to stay? In this debate-style session, hear from two panelists of differing views as they address questions such as: Why now? And which metrics really matter?

Preparing Your Travelers and Yourselves:  Managing Through Crisis

Significant shifts, particularly those brought about by a crisis, can magnify everyday challenges that arise.  The resulting stresses take a toll on our interpersonal relationships at home and at work.  In this session, you’ll hear different experiences of the panel and how they adapted, additionally you'll walk away with some cognitive behavioral techniques to pass along to your travelers and help you effectively manage yourself in times of crisis.

Do Companies Face Liability in Business Travel Related Cases?

Best practices to return to travel safely and how to support policy adherence in the post-COVID era. Do you need employees to travel during the COVID era, but are unsure of your legal liabilities? Are you doing everything necessary to keep your travelers safe? How can you support your traveler, from a legal standpoint, while still ensuring they can do their jobs from the road?

Melting Pot of Payments Exploring Global Payment Impacts

Explore payment options from the eyes of the traveler and the corporate manager throughout the world with a focus on APAC, Africa, and LATAM.

Brought to you by the GBTA Global Payment Solutions Committee

Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion Understanding Unconscious Bias (Workshop)

What Do You See When You Look At Me? Advancing DEI in your travel programm?  Yes, please!  Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion (DEI) is a popular lexicon in today's world.  Uncover the Unconscious Bias issues discovered that will be presented in summary at this workshop.   Share your own and find new ideas of how you can use DEI for your travelers' benefit.

Brought to you by the GBTA DEI Committee

Ditch the Pitch: Ground Transportation Sourcing for the 21st Century

Ground Transportation solutions are developing fast leading to more evaluation from buyers.  There is a need to obtain more visibility into the many areas now falling under ground transportation especially for duty of care and spend management purposes. But a transactional approach to sourcing with supplier sales pitches and price comparisons lack strategy. In this session we will talk with a buyer and supplier about a different sourcing process to help find the right partners based on specific program needs.

Business Visitors After Brexit: Compliant Business Travel to the UK

Organizations throughout the world are adjusting to the realities of a transformed business travel landscape. Six months after Brexit, this session will explore the first half of the year's impact and trends on business travelers and employees moving to the UK including an overview of the UK's new 'Skilled Worker' points-based immigration system.

Best Practices for a Global Travel Program It's Foundational

It's tough to be sure you've not missed some opportunity to be your best as a travel buyer, especially with travel just re-starting.  You think to yourself: 'Is my program optimized?  What could I do to improve it? There's no embarrassment in knowing there's room for improvement — only in not trying to improve.  So, come find some practices that could take your program to the next level and make you look like a rock star in your company.

Demystifying TMC Pricing

TMC pricing has always varied but in 2020 the pandemic forced conversations widely centered on covering TMC fixed costs that don't go away when transactions do.  Find out how industry colleagues navigated through these TMC pricing conversations and what's likely next.

Hotel and Corporate Partnerships:  Work Smarter Not Harder

By ditching long-held elements of the typical hotel and corporate client partnership and using readily available data and rates, hotels and corporate clients can actually work more efficiently to reach a new level of collaboration.  This session will discuss how more detailed, bi-directional data sharing and a broader usage of rates can give travel programs flexibility to optimize their spend while hotels still earn the reliability, they need to create revenue efficiencies.

Don't Dread Dynamic Rates! How to Use Them to Optimize Your Hotel Program

When airlines began transitioning to dynamic discounts 20 years ago, many predicted hotels would quickly follow. That didn't happen.  Encumbered by legacy sourcing technology, a sellers' market, and predictable growth in demand and supply, neither buyers nor sellers saw the need to demand change. Then COVID-19 hit.  In this session, learn how to evaluate your current hotel program performance, best use dynamic rates to your advantage, and negotiate a better program, based on key learnings from high performing buyers and hotel suppliers.

Dashboard Deathmatch: Showdown Between Three Top Travel Data Dashboards

The session will pit three dashboard solutions against each other. Attendees will get to witness head-to-head competition as they show their flashiest demos to a hybrid (live and virtual) audience. Audience members will be submitting and voting for questions to be asked of the contestants at the end of their pitch. Lastly, attendees will score the pitches on a number of criteria and crown one participant the Dashboard Deathmatch Champion 2021.

Brought to you by the GBTA Technology Committee

OmniChannel 101: What Is it and Why You Should be Looking into It

You've heard about Omnichannel and maybe you think that it sounds like the wild wild west by giving up control and letting travelers do whatever they want.  Omnichannel is actually all about control, in a new way that blends what travelers want and what companies need.  This Omnichannel 101 session will walk through the myths about what it isn't and go through what it can mean to make your travelers more productive, get your rates/discounts through all booking channels and gain duty of care coverage while reducing fees.

Mine the Gap: The Hidden Stories of Your Data

When people ask what to use for a data source, there are so many possibilities, and it seems none of them tell the complete story. What data sources are needed, and how can we combine them to see a complete data story?  Once we do, what does this data tell us and how can we act upon it?  This session provides answers with input from a TMC, buyer and data partner.  Walk away knowing more about how to combine the right data sources and how this benefits you, your travelers and your organization.

Using Data to Navigate a Volatile Market for an Optimal Sourcing Strategy

Due to supply challenges, and an unpredictable pace of return and demand, 2021 and 2022 promises a volatile market for sourcing hotels.   Attend this session to learn what hotel procurement strategy works best for your program, how to proactively and effectively measure your hotel program contract performance, ongoing opportunities and ensure you are always getting the best deal. In addition, it will review ways to ensure it is nimble to adjust quickly and effectively.

The Industry Has Changed... Now What?

It takes years to develop a mature travel program. Overnight the managed travel industry changed, and many corporate travel agreements are no longer relevant.  Join the session and listen to business travel experts deliver key perspectives on corporate agreements and how to move forward now that everything has changed (spend, policies, network, etc.), including what is most important to buyers and airline suppliers.

Brought to you by the GBTA Aviation Committee

Getting Back to the Future: How your travelers describe your program

This session will examine how employees should describe their travel program in 2022.  We'll explore 5 employee statements related to social responsibility, the decision to travel, flexibility of choice, and company support, from both a past and future perspective, analyzing the changes in between.  Tactics will be provided to enable action that sets the proper course for the future.  A Back to the Future theme is embedded to keep the storyline fun and relatable.

Mobility Tax Issues in 2021: Business Travelers and Remote Working

With disruption to the traditional ways of conducting business travel in 2020 what does this mean for HR and Travel professionals in 2021?  In this session, attendees will walk away with a deeper knowledge of how the new normal has heightened the risks of remote working and business travel, how it may impact the company and the traveler, and what role Human Resources and Travel plays in managing these risks. This session will include practical examples and defined steps that can be taken to alleviate and potentially eliminate these risks.

New Normal? New Requirements, New Contracts, New Relationships

How have traditional contracts, clauses and relationships changed due to Covid-19 (Force Majeure, Cancellation, Attrition Allowance, SaaS, Hybrid, etc.)? What is the reaction of venues (hybrid solutions) and agencies (digital platform) to the new demand? What are the short- and long-term changes in the requirements? How should we manage the restricted budget vs. the increased cost per person in case of in person events?.

Use It or Lose It:  The Challenge of Unused Tickets

During the first stages of the global pandemic unused tickets skyrocketed. Agencies and corporations struggled to manage these as they kept on increasing in number. Discover how unused tickets work and what the best practices are when it comes to managing these in travel policies and corporate booking tools. Join a panel discussion with industry experts from the TMC and Corporation world for a first-hand account on how to manage unused tickets, the best practices, services required and processes.

The Rise of NGS & the Modern Booking Experience

Join us on a journey through time, where we will explore why shopping for airline offers needs to evolve with product innovation.  Next Generation Storefront (NGS) is the solution for elevating air shopping to modern day retail standards, while also creating a platform to bring future content enhancements to life.

Getting Carded: Is It Time to Give all your Employees Corporate Cards?

Corporate cards were once the exclusive domain of the seasoned road warrior, in order to minimize organizations' financial exposure. But given the ease of management, financial benefits and improved security aspects of modern card programs, organizations may want to take another look at how widely they deploy card programs.

Saving your Travel Money by Creating the SMART Business Travel Culture in the New Normal

Prior to COVID, the perfect day was all about traveling to meet new clients, signing new contracts, and easy travel budgeting. All of this has changed. During this session, we will show you how to save your travel money by creating the SMART business travel culture. The mind-blowing strategies will help you create the business travel culture that encompasses your employee's travel well-being, managing risks, and maximizing savings. And we will show you how to articulate it effectively too! So, if you are looking to optimize you travel budget, this session is for you!

Poised to Pivot: During and After Pandemic

Join an interactive session to demonstrate how our Global, non-traditional, and predominately event-driven sector successfully pivoted in the midst of the pandemic cycle and is poised for the future.   We will also discuss the current buyer challenges, including air charter business, non-employee traveler compliance, and sustainability practices to meet the needs of the new SMT travel landscape. 

A Beginner’s Guide to Managing Travel Fluently and Successfully.

The world of managing a corporate travel program is extremely important and one that can bring extreme value to an organization. In this session, attendees will learn the basics of how to run a successful corporate travel program through the understanding skills that every travel manager must possess. Attendees will also receive tactical approaches that can drive clarity, efficiency, and overall success. This course is designed for those who are new to managing a corporate travel program.

Old Threats and New Risks: Evaluating (non-covid) Risks for Business Travelers

As organizations lift travel restrictions, travelers and travel managers are looking through a new lens of risk mitigation post-pandemic. Join members of the GBTA's Global Risk Committee as we discuss the Old Threats and the New Risks of business travel.  Attendees will identify the changing risks for today's business traveler and will learn tools to help prepare travelers who are returning to business travel.

Brought to you by the GBTA Global Risk Committee

Implementing Sustainability in Your Travel Program  Where to Start?

This session will help you to overcome barriers to implementing sustainability within your travel program. We'll outline the steps on where to start and how to create your dashboard using data from your TMC or from the suppliers. Learn the terminology used and how to create greater value in your program by aligning with the company's sustainability goals.  Gain greater recognition with the C-suite in your organization.

Brought to you by the GBTA Sustainability Committee

NDC: Hype or Disruption?  A Reality Check

This session will not only provide an overview of New Distribution Capability (NDC), it will also review current usage statistics and areas in which it has made inroads vs areas where it hasn't taken hold as much as predicted.  A diverse panel consisting of an airline representative, a content aggregator, and a GDS will discuss NDC use cases and what triggers/events could accelerate the growth of NDC, if any.  Finally, we will talk about next steps a buyer can take today to assess where they are in terms of NDC readiness.

Beyond Checking off the Boxes in Your Accommodations Program

How to instill confidence in travelers to stay at accommodations and assist those that are already on the road. This session is for anyone — buyers, suppliers or TMCs — trying to communicate to their travelers.

Brought to you by the GBTA Accommodations Committee

Diversity & Inclusion: The Car Is on the Road.  Are We Ready for the Voyage?

In the wake of major social and political changes, most companies have taken steps to increase diversity, inclusion and belonging in their organizations. Despite the inescapable necessity to improve our efforts in the DI&B space, there has yet to be a 'silver bullet.' And, as we continue down this road, we need to look ahead at what obstacles we might face internally in responding to the dynamic landscape and how our actions affect our employees and our travelers.

A Buyer's Perspective on Corporate Housing

How well do purchasers of corporate housing, whether they be corporate mobility teams, relocation management companies, government contractors, or individual travelers, understand the business models of the suppliers from whom they buy? This session explores the varying purchase models present in today's corporate housing market, offering both a 30,000-foot overview and an 'in-the-weeds' dive of how suppliers structure their business, and how those businesses interact with travel buyers.



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