2018 Buyer Titles at a Glance

List updated as of 6/18
Administration Division
Administration Manager, Travel Services
Administrative Associate
Administrative Mgr. Finance
Administrative Services Manager
Americas Travel Manager
Americas Travel Operations Lead
APAC Travel Implementation Manager
APAC Travel Mgr
Asia Pacific & Japan Travel Manager
Asia Pacific Travel Manager
Assistant Director
Assistant Director - Sourcing
Assistant Director of Meetings, Travel, and Conven
Assistant Manager
Assistant Travel Administrator
Assistant Travel Program Coordinator
Assistant Vice President, Global Travel
Assistant Vice President, Travel and Procurement
Assoc Director, Professional Programs
Assoc. Director, Facilities Central Services
Assoc. Mgr. Travel
Associate - Travel Services
Associate Direct, Global Travel
Associate Director
Associate Director Global Sourcing Category Manager
Associate Director Global Travel and Sourcing
Associate Director, Travel COE North America
Associate Sourcing Specialist
Associate Specialist
Associate VP and Chief Procurement Officer
AVP Director, Travel Administration
AVP of Treasury
AVP Travel
AVP Treasury
AVP, Corporate Travel & Events
AVP, Corporate Travel and Meetings
AVP, Procurement
AVP-Corporate Travel Mgr
Branch Chief
Business Manager
Business Partnership and Travel Manager
Business Services & Travel Senior Manager, Transpo
Business Travel Manager
Category Manager
Category Manager - Global Airline and Hotel
Category Manager - Indirect
Category Manager - Travel
Category Manager - Travel and Expense and Facility
Category Manager -Travel Services
Category Sourcing Manager, Travel & Fleet - USA/CA
Category Specialist
Category Supplier Manager
Chief Financial Officer
Chief of Staff
Chief, Strategy & Performance
Commodity Business Manager
Commodity Director, Indirect
Commodity Manager
Contract Administrator
Contracting Officer
Cooperative Development Coordinator
Corp Staff-Procurement Sourcing
Corporate Buyer
Corporate Housing Manager
Corporate Manager
Corporate Meeting Planner
Corporate Programs Manager
Corporate Project Portfolio Manager
Corporate Responsibility & Diversity and Inclusion
Corporate Services and Travel Services Manager
Corporate Services Manager
Corporate Services Specialist
Corporate Strategic Sourcing
Corporate Travel
Corporate Travel & Expense Manager
Corporate Travel & Facilities
Corporate Travel Account Manager
Corporate Travel and Expense Manager
Corporate Travel and Meeting Coordinator
Corporate Travel and Meetings Manager
Corporate Travel Consultant
Corporate Travel Coordinator
Corporate Travel Coordinator/Admin Assist
Corporate Travel Director
Corporate Travel Manager
Corporate Travel Manager, GTP, CCTE
Corporate Travel Manager, North America
Corporate Travel Operations Manager
Corporate Travel Program Manager
Corporate Travel Specialist
Corporate Travel Supervisor
Corporate Travel Technology & Innovations Mgr
Dir of Events
Dir., Systems and Tools
Direct Procurement Senior
Director - Head of Procurement Category Travel, Fl
Director - Travel
Director - Travel & Expense
Director - Travel & Fleet
Director - Travel and Event Systems
Director - Travel Services
Director Aviation & Corp Travel
Director Business Support Svcs
Director Corporate Accounting and Travel
Director Corporate Travel
Director Corporate Travel & Meeting Services
Director Corporate Travel/Strategic Sourcing
Director Global Travel
Director Global Travel and Events
Director Global Travel Management
Director Indirect Procurement
Director of Administration - Global Services
Director of Administrative Services
Director of Bus Continuity, Travel & Spec Proj
Director of Business Administration
Director of Business Procurement
Director of Business Travel
Director of Corporate Administration
Director of Corporate Services
Director of Corporate Sponsorships
Director of Enterprise Travel
Director of Finance
Director of Global Purchasing Operations
Director of Global Travel
Director of Global Travel & Meetings Management
Director of Global Travel and Meeting Services
Director of Materials Management
Director of Meetings and Travel
Director of Meetings, Events & Travel
Director of Operations
Director of Procurement - Travel
Director of Procurement & Sourcing/Travel
Director of Product Development
Director of Sourcing
Director of Travel
Director of Travel and Commercial Card
Director Of Travel and Fleet
Director of Travel and Insurance
Director of Travel and Meeting Planning
Director of Travel Immigration Relocation
Director of Travel Services
Director of Travel, Meetings & Events
Director Procurement And Travel
Director SS Finance & Travel
Director Travel and Employee Services
Director Travel Operations North America & Latin America
Director Travel Services
Director, Administration
Director, Business Services
Director, Business Travel
Director, Business Travel and Meeting Service
Director, Corporate Services
Director, Corporate Travel Services
Director, Corporate Travel, Meetings & Events
Director, Event Operations
Director, Financial Services
Director, Global Administration
Director, Global Category Management
Director, Global Corporate Services
Director, Global Employee Travel
Director, Global Meetings, Events & Travel;
Director, Global Procurement
Director, Global T&E
Director, Global Travel
Director, Global Travel & Credit Card Services
Director, Global Travel & Meetings
Director, Global Travel and Enterprise Events
Director, Global Travel Operations
Director, Legal Operations & Professional Services
Director, Lodging and Data Management
Director, Managed Services, GTP
Director, Meeting Planning
Director, Purchasing
Director, SCM
Director, Strategic Partner Development
Director, Travel & Expense Programs
Director, Travel & Meeting Services
Director, Travel & Meetings
Director, Travel & Procurement Services
Director, Travel and HR Compliance
Director, Travel Management
Director, Travel Services
Director, Travel Solutions
Director, Travel, Card & Fleet Management
Director, Travel, Fleet & Events
EMEA Travel Manager
EMEA Travel Purchasing Manager
EMEIA Travel Manager
Enterprise Travel Manager
European Travel Manager
Event Coordinator
Exec Assistant and Manager, Corp Services
Exec. Asst./Asst. Prop.Mgr.
Executive Assistant
Executive Director, Travel Services
Executive for Meeting Management
Executive Meeting Planner
Executive Office Manager and North American Travel
Executive Travel Consultant
expense manager
Facilities, Travel and Fleet Manager
Finance Manager
Financial Operations Manager
General Services Manager
General Services Supervisor
Global Airlines Category Manager
Global Business Service & Travel Leader
Global Category Chair - Travel
Global Category Lead - Travel
Global Category Lead Auto Leasing, Auto Rental and
Global Category Manager
Global Commodity Manager
Global Corporate Card Sourcing Lead and Travel Str
Global Corporate Travel Manager
Global CPO
Global Credit & Travel Admin
Global Head of Travel
Global Head of Travel & Expense
Global Head of Travel and Expense
Global Head of Travel Meetings & Events
Global Head Travel Operations
Global Hotel & Venue Manager
Global Hotel Administrator
Global Hotel and Car Rental Projects Lead
Global Hotel Lead (Transient)
Global Hotel Program Manager
Global Hotel Specialist
Global Procurement Operations Supervisor
Global Procurement Travel & Meetings
Global Program Manager
Global Program Manager - Air, Car, Hotel & Agency
Global Senior Travel Advisor
Global Sourcing - Travel Consulting
Global Sourcing & Supply
Global Sourcing Manager - Travel
Global Supplier Leader
Global Sustainability Manager
Global Travel & Events Director
Global Travel & Expense
Global Travel & Expense Manager
Global Travel & Meetings Manager
Global Travel Advisor
Global Travel Advisor North America
Global Travel and Expense
Global Travel and Expense Manager
Global Travel and Meetings Manager
Global Travel Director
Global Travel Manager
Global Travel Manager & Corporate Commodity Special
Global Travel Manager and Meeting Services
Global Travel Manager, Purchasing
Global Travel Operations Manager
Global Travel Procurement Manager
Global Travel Program Analyst
Global Travel Program Manager
Global Travel Safety Program Coordinator
Global Travel Services Program
Global Travel Services, Senior Lead
Global Travel Sourcing
Global Travel Specialist
Global Travel, Meeting, and Event Manager
Global Travel, Sr. Manager
GPO - Director Global Travel
Group Travel Manager
Head Global Travel Meetings & Events
Head of Global Strategic Sourcing & Travel
Head of Global Travel
Head of Innovation & Customer Experience
Head of Operations
Head of Travel Management
Head of Travel, Fleet & Events-US/Canada
Head of US Travel
HR Rep, Global HR Services - Travel
Indirect Buyer
Indirect Procurement Specialist
Industry Client Leader
IPG Hotel Sourcing Specialist
LATAM Travel Manager
Lead Category Manager
Lead Vendor Relationship Manager
Manager - Air & Ground Transportation
Manager - Global Travel & Expense
Manager - SRM & Travel Services
Manager - Travel Management
Manager - Travel Systems
Manager Aviation Dispatch, Travel Services & Meeting
Manager Global Travel Risk and Safety
Manager Indirect Purchasing Region Americas
Manager of Corporate Travel
Manager of Professional Development
Manager of Travel Procurement
Manager of Travel, Expense and Card Services
Manager Procurement Services
Manager Sourcing & Alliances
Manager Travel - EMEA
Manager Travel & Services
Manager Travel Services
Manager University Travel & Card Program
Manager, Administration
Manager, Administrative Services
Manager, Administrative Services/Travel
Manager, Business Processes
Manager, Commercial Travel & Office Services
Manager, Corporate Travel
Manager, Corporate Travel and Fleet
Manager, Crew Travel Services
Manager, District Procurement Services
Manager, Global Hotel Program and Strategic Sourcing
Manager, Global HR Services -Mobility
Manager, Global Security and Travel
Manager, Global Sourcing
Manager, Global Travel
Manager, Global Travel Applications
Manager, Global Travel Services
Manager, HR & Travel Security
Manager, Meetings & Events
Manager, Procurement
Manager, Strategic Meeting Programs
Manager, Strategic Sourcing
Manager, Supplier Management
Manager, Training & Compliance
Manager, Travel
Manager, Travel - Americas
Manager, Travel & Entertainment
Manager, Travel & Expense
Manager, Travel & Meeting Planning
Manager, Travel & Meeting Services
Manager, Travel & Meetings
Manager, Travel & Office Services
Manager, Travel and Administrative Services
Manager, Travel Services
Manager, Travel/Expense & Corporate Card Services
Manager, Treasury & Travel Services
Manager, US Transient Hotel Program
Manager-Commercial Travel
Managing Director
Managing Director-Travel
Meeting & Travel Coordinator
Meeting and Event Manager
Meeting Planner
Meetings Specialist
Mgr, Corporate Card Program
Mgr, Travel & Event Planning
Mgr. Global Travel & Meetings
Mgr. Meeting Planning & Travel
Multi-Category Lead
NA Travel Category Manager
North America Travel and Vendor Manager
North America Travel Manager
North America Travel Operations Manager
North American Travel Manager
Office Administrator
Office Manager
Operations Coordinator- Travel
Operations Manager- Hotel Division
President & CEO Office, Travel Manager
Principal Travel Assistant
Procurement Agent
Procurement Analyst, Asset Management
Procurement Associate
Procurement Director, Global Travel & Events
Procurement Lead
Procurement Manager
Procurement Manager - Travel, Card & Meetings
Procurement Project Manager
Procurement Specialist
Procurement, Meetings & Travel
Program Analyst
Project Director Travel Services
Project Director, Executive Management
Project Manager
Project Manager Travel
Purchasing and Travel Director
Purchasing Card Administrator
Purchasing Investment/Services
Purchasing Manager
Purchasing Manager - Airlines
Purchasing Program Manager
Regional Category Specialist
Regional Travel Mgr., Americas
Research Engineer Cloud and Mobile Analytics
Risk & Travel Mgmt. Coordinator
Senior Associate
Senior Associate - Global Sourcing
Senior Category Manager Global Travel
Senior Contracts Administrator/Travel Manager
Senior Corporate Hospitality Services Manager
Senior Director
Senior Director Global Travel Management
Senior Director of Corporate Communications
Senior Director of Global Corporate Travel
Senior Director of Support Services
Senior Director, Administration
Senior Director, Club Business & Analytics
Senior Director, Global Travel Services
Senior Director, Procurement Operations
Senior Flight Administrator
Senior Functional Advisor
Senior Global Crew Travel Logistics Specialist
Senior Global Travel Coord
Senior Global Travel Strategy Leader
Senior Manager
Senior Manager, Business Services and Travel
Senior Manager, Business Travel
Senior Manager, Consulting
Senior Manager, Corporate Travel and Events
Senior Manager, Event Planning
Senior Manager, Global Travel
Senior Manager, Global Travel and Expense Services
Senior Manager, Procurement Governance
Senior Manager, Travel
Senior Manager, Workplace Performance
Senior Manager, Worldwide Travel and Meetings
Senior Managing Director
Senior Mgr, Global Travel
Senior Procurement Analyst
Senior Procurement Contract
Senior Procurement Manager
Senior Procurement Specialist
Senior Program Manager
Senior Project Management Coordinator
Senior Sourcing Specialist -- Global Travel
Senior Strategic Sourcing Manager, Global Indirect
Senior Travel Analyst
Senior Travel Coordinator
Senior Travel Management Specialist
Senior Travel Manager
Senior Travel Manager Target
Senior Travel Official
Senior Travel Services
Senior Travel Specialist
Senior Vice President
Senior Vice President, Head of Procurement
Snr. Contract Mgr./Sourcing Contract Mgmt. Travel
Solutions Manager
Sourcing Agent
Sourcing and Procurement Manager
Sourcing and Procurement Specialist
Sourcing Manager
Sourcing Specialist
Sourcing Specialist II
Sr Administrative Associate
Sr Category Manager
Sr Director, Global Travel & Event Planning
Sr Manager Sourcing/Global Travel
Sr Manager, Corporate Travel
Sr Manager, Global Travel
Sr Manager, Meeting & Travel Services
Sr Manager, Travel and Purchasing
Sr Mgr Safety & Travel Services
SR Operations & Compliance Mgr.
Sr Purchasing Manager, Global Travel
Sr Travel Coordinator
Sr. Buyer, Indirect Procurement - Global Travel
Sr. Category Leader
Sr. Category Manager, Travel, Meetings & Events
Sr. Commodity Manager Corporate Services
Sr. Consultant
Sr. Director
Sr. Director of Travel and Housing
Sr. Director, Business Operations
Sr. Director, Global Procurement
Sr. Director, Procurement
Sr. Director, Travel and Meeting Management
Sr. Event Manager, Corporate Travel Manager
Sr. Manager
Sr. Manager - Procurement
Sr. Manager - Travel
Sr. Manager Global Travel
Sr. Manager of Conference Planning & Travel
Sr. Manager Travel and Card
Sr. Manager, Administrative Services
Sr. Manager, Expense Management & Corporate Card
Sr. Manager, Global Meetings & Events
Sr. Manager, Global Travel
Sr. Manager, Global Travel & Expense and AP
Sr. Manager, Indirect Procurement
Sr. Manager, Meeting Planning Operations
Sr. Manager, US Procurement
Sr. Meeting and Travel Planner
Sr. Meeting Planner
Sr. Mgr. Travel Americas
Sr. Procurement Manager
Sr. Procurement Specialist
SR. Purchases Manager
Sr. Regional Account Manager
Sr. Sourcing Manager, Strategic Global Sourcing
Sr. Specialist Travel
Sr. Strategic Procurement Analyst Meetings, Events
Sr. Travel & Events Representative
Sr. Travel Coordinator
Sr. Travel Manager
Sr. Travel Operations Manager
Sr. Travel Specialist
Sr.Director Global Procurement
Sr.Manager of Global Travel and M&E
Statewide Travel Program Manager
Statewide Travel Specialist
Strategic Relationship Group Manager
Strategic Sourcing Leader
Strategic Sourcing Manager
Strategic Sourcing Mgr, Travel
Supervisor Corporate/International Travel
Supervisor Groups and Leisure Travel
Supervisor, Office Services
Supervisor, Travel & Meeting
Supplier Management
Supplier Manager
Supplier Relationship Manager
Supply Operations Manager
Support Service Controller
SVP Procurement
SVP, Director Travel Services
SVP, Global Sourcing
SVP, Global Travel Manager
SVP, Operations
SVP/Corporate Travel Manager
T&E Data and System Analyst
T&E Manager EMEA/ APAC
T&E Program Admin
Team Manager, Travel & Meeting Services
This is a sampling of buyer attendee job titles as of June 2018.
Transportation Leader
Transportation Officer
Travel & Events Manager
Travel & Events Specialist
Travel & Expense Administrator
Travel & Expense Manager
Travel & Expense Relationship Administrator
Travel & Expense Specialist
Travel & Fleet Manager
Travel & Housing Coordinator
Travel & Meeting Services Coordinator
Travel & Meetings Consultant, EMEA region
Travel & Meetings Manager - Americas
Travel & MICE Buyer
Travel & Transportation Program Mgr
Travel Administrator
Travel and Event Coordinator
Travel and Event Planning Manager
Travel and Events Manager
Travel and Expense
Travel and Expense Director
Travel and Expense Manager
Travel and Meeting Manager
Travel and Relocation Admin
Travel and Relocation Manager Americas
Travel and Workplace Programs Coordinator
Travel Billing Specialist
Travel Buyer
Travel Category Manager
Travel Commodity Manager
Travel Commodity Specialist
Travel Coordinator
Travel Department Manager
Travel Document Specialist
Travel Logistics Coordinator
Travel Logistics Lead
Travel Management Center Director
Travel Management Coordinator
Travel Manager
Travel Manager - Americas
Travel Manager - Logistics
Travel Manager- APAC
Travel Manager II
Travel Manager of Americas
Travel Manager, Central Purchasing
Travel Manager, EMEA
Travel Manager, Executive Trav
Travel Mgr/Exec Assist
Travel Operations Administrator
Travel Operations Manager
Travel Ops Manager
Travel Procurement Analyst, Corporate Procurement
Travel Product Manager
Travel Program Administrator
Travel Program Lead
Travel Program Manager
Travel Project Specialist
Travel Services
Travel Services Accounting Specialist
Travel Services Administrator
Travel Services Coordinator
Travel Services Manager
Travel Services Specialist
Travel Services Supervisor
Travel Solutions and Services Consultant
Travel Sourcing & Operations Manager
Travel Specialist
Travel Supervisor
Travel Support Coordinator
Travel Team Lead
Travel Team Leader
Travel Technology Lead
Travel Technology Manager
Travel, Meetings & Events Manager
Travel, Meetings, Food Service Manager
Travel/ Fleet Manager
Treasury Manager
TSC Manager
U.S. Travel Manager
US Indirect Sourcing Manager
US Travel Administrator
US Travel Manager
V.P., Customer Operations
Vice President
Vice President - Corporate Travel Services
Vice President / Travel Manager
Vice President Administration
Vice President and Senior Manager, Travel and Meet
Vice President Corporate Services
Vice President Global Travel and Expense
Vice President Strategic Sourcing and Procurement
Vice President Travel Technology
Vice President, Airline Program
Vice President, Business Process and Operations
Vice President, Corporate Travel Manager
Vice President, Enterprise Governance and Corporate
Vice President, Global Meetings, Events and Trade
Vice President, Global Travel
Vice President, Global Travel Services
Vice President, Office Operations
Vice President, Open Innovation
Vice President, Procurement Contracts
Vice President, Travel Services
Vice President/ Travel Sourcing
Vice President/Corporate Travel Manager
VP & Global Head of Travel
VP Aviation
VP Corporate Services
VP- Head of TE Expenses
VP of Business Development
VP Procurement
VP Product Mgt
VP, Business Admin Services
VP, Finance Shared Services
VP, Operations and Finance
VP, Product Development
VP, Sourcing and Procurement
VP, Strategic Meetings Management Program
VP, Supplier Manager
VP, Supply Chain Management