GBTA Convention 2019 - Exhibitor FAQ

Key Event Details

Where is the show located?

McCormick Place | Chicago, IL - USA

What are show dates?

GBTA Convention 2019 takes place Saturday August 3 thru Wednesday August 7.

What are Expo dates and hours?

Monday, August 5, 2:30 – 6 pm

Tuesday, August 6, 2:30 – 6 pm

Wednesday, August 7, 9:00 – 11:30 am

How many attendees are expected to attend GBTA Convention 2019?

Nearly 7,000 business travel professionals are expected to attend GBTA Convention 2019. Nearly 1,400 business travel buyers are anticipated in attendance.

How many exhibiting organizations is GBTA anticipating?

GBTA is expecting roughly 450 exhibiting organizations. Therefore, if your organization has not signed up to exhibit, we encourage you to sign up early to lock in the best location for your organization.

Where can I register as an exhibitor?

Click here for exhibitor registration information.

How do I submit a housing request?

Housing request information can be found here.

What organizations are currently exhibiting?

The 2019 expo map is constantly updating. To see the most up-to-date version, click here.

Exhibitor Benefits

What media opportunities are available to exhibitors?

A variety of media opportunities are available to GBTA Convention exhibitors. For full details, click here.

What is included in my booth purchase?
  • One complimentary registration per 10’ x 10’ (a maximum of nine)
  • Company identification sign (7” x 44”)
  • Listing in printed Expo Map
  • Access to marketing toolkit resource
  • A full 9.5 hours of selling time*
  • Gold Package in Map Your Show – Log into Map Your Show here

*subject to change

What is included in the complimentary registration from my booth purchase?

The full registration that comes with the booth is complimentary; each additional registration has an additional fee

Full Convention access to include:

  • Welcome Session: Sunday evening
  • Center Stage:  Monday - Wednesday
  • Education Sessions: each day
  • Convention Arena luncheons: Monday - Wednesday

Expo Hall: Monday - Wednesday

What is the marketing toolkit?

A FREE Marketing Toolkit is provided to all exhibitors and sponsors that includes templates to create customized banner advertisements, emails and marketing materials. This material will be distributed in 2019 to current exhibitors.

How do I get a list of GBTA Convention attendees?

GBTA is the only legitimate source to purchase an attendee list. This list can only be purchased by current exhibitors. Purchase attendee lists only through GBTA – do not engage with scammers promising a discounted comprehensive list. Download form for all GBTA Convention 2019 attendees or download form for buyer only list of GBTA Convention 2019 attendees.

Do I need to have a booth to sponsor?

Only exhibitors have the opportunity to become sponsors of GBTA Convention.

Booth Logistics

Where is the exhibitor service manual?

The exhibitor service manual will be released in April 2019.

Does GBTA follow IAEE guidelines?

GBTA abides by the official IAEE Exhibitor Rules and Regulations.  There is also a GBTA addendum that can be found online.

What does an in-line booth include?
  • Company identification sign, 7” x 44”, with company name
  • Pipe and draped back wall (8’ high) and side wall (3’ high)
  • Exhibitors are encouraged to arrive early for set up and opening reception
What does an island booth include?
  • Outline of island booth space to enjoy maximum open feel (20’ x 20’ or greater)
  • Option to purchase a hanging sign if booth footprint is 400 square feet or larger
What do I need to order in my space?

Exhibitors are required to order carpet.

The following are suggested items to order

  • Table
  • Chairs
  • Wastebasket
  • Display
  • Electric (if needed)
What products and services are available to support my exhibiting experience?

Lead Retrievals, Food & Beverage, Security, Cleaning, Ethernet Connection and more are available to exhibitors to enhance your presence on the show floor.

My organization wants to hold an event at GBTA Convention?


  • Exhibitor and Sponsor McCormick Place Rented Ancillary Meeting Room Request: This form must be used for requests made by exhibitors and sponsors to rent meeting space at the convention center. Meeting rooms can be rented on an hourly or daily basis. Rooms are rented to exhibitors & sponsors only and are available on a first come first basis (space is extremely limited) at $850 per hour; $5,000 for the day. If the event is approved, a member from the fulfillment team will send an invoice to the company contact for payment by credit card or check and should be to 4422-0300. 


Events/Meetings should not conflict with the official Convention Schedule with the exception of Allied/Supplier participates who need to conduct internal sales or training meetings. An agenda must be provided to confirm that the nature of the nature of the meeting is for internal use only and does not include any buyers/direct participates. The meetings may occur over the following hours: Saturday and Sunday – 8:00 am – 6:00 pm  | Monday – 6:00 am - 8:00 am  |  Tuesday and Wednesday – 6:00 am – 9:00 am  |  Thursday – all day.

Where is GBTA Convention 2020?

GBTA Convention 2020 will be held in Denver, CO in July 25 – 29, 2020.
In order to secure the best booth positioning and the best rate, be sure to participate in the advanced booth sales process.

  • Appointments will be set for all exhibitors.  Booth priority points drive the appointment schedule. This will be complete by June 30.  
  • One week prior to GBTA Convention the appointment dates and times will be emailed out to all booth contacts.