GBTA Convention 2022 - Main Stage

Main Stage

Sunday, August 14 (5:00-6:00pm) – Reconnect, Recreate, Reimagine (Wellbeing)

Let’s kick-off the 2022 GBTA Convention and begin to Reconnect, Recreate and Reimagine what is possible in business travel.  During this session, GBTA leaders will acknowledge the accomplishments of outstanding members, and our keynote speaker will inspire you to create moments of growth and gain greater personal insight.

Monday, August 15 (8:30-9:30am) – Winning the War for Talent (Future of Work and DEI)

Attracting, developing, and retaining talent is more relevant now than ever before, are you prepared to win the war for talent?  Get the latest data on labor shortage, the shifting demographic trends of workforce and ideas on how to align the organizational and employee values. This session will explore how global topics like diversity, equity and inclusion impact corporate culture, affecting the customer experience and business outcomes. 

Monday, August 15 (12:15-1:45pm) – Business Transformation & State of the Industry

Business and organizations must continually reimagine their business model and recreate their strategy. The current “State of the Business Travel Industry” reveals key research data points, highlighting industry efforts and opportunities to adapt.  Over lunch we will showcase case studies and examples of companies that have recreated their business strategy to survive COVID and other times of uncertainty.

Tuesday, August 16 (9:45-10:45am) – Sustainability

Climate change and efforts to improve sustainability practices continue to be a relevant focus for the business travel industry. Industry leaders will summarize GBTA’s sustainability initiative progress and future goals. Speakers will share updated information on the future of transportation, how to contribute to positive change and strive to reduce environmental impact.

Tuesday, August 16 (5:00-6:00pm) – Future of Travel & Technology Innovation

What does the future hold for travel?  Hear from business strategists, experts in technology innovation, and C-Level business travel experts as they discuss and debate the long-term and short-term future of business travel. Don’t miss this session, as it looks to answer lingering questions and reveal new ideas and possibilities for a successful future.



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