Diamond Sponsor Spotlight: SkyTeam


Kristin Colvile

Kristin Colvile

CEO, SkyTeam



Kristin Colvile joined SkyTeam from Delta in June 2018. With over 25 years’ industry experience to her name, Kristin has held leadership roles in numerous divisions of Delta Air Lines and Northwest Airlines since joining the company in 1993. Based at SkyTeam’s headquarters in Amsterdam, Kristin is focused on the development of industry-leading technology and maximizing tools to enhance seamlessness for SkyTeam’s 600M customers. Kristin has also championed sustainability programs to support taking action now to reduce industry carbon emissions, including the launch of the first ever Sustainable Flight Challenge. A passionate advocate for greater diversity in the industry, Kristin has been the driving force behind SkyTeam and its members' commitment to IATA's 25by2025.


How important is digitization of the travel experience as the industry recovers?

Investment in technology paid off during the crisis and will be of vital importance in helping travel return to pre-pandemic levels. SkyTeam’s Digital Spine is essential to facilitating new innovations that will make travel easier for customers by helping reduce physical touchpoints and queues.

Earlier this year, SkyTeam launched seamless check-in. We’ll be rolling it out across all members to enable customers to check in for multi-carrier itineraries via their preferred web or mobile application, download boarding passes and go straight to security.

Another recent innovation is the SKYCLEARED common boarding pass indicator. This signifies that a customers’ health credentials have been validated against their destination’s requirements, eliminating the need for further checks along the travel ribbon and offering customers convenience and peace of mind.

The potential of SkyTeam’s Digital Spine is limitless and will keep us at the forefront of the digital evolution occurring across the industry.


What is SkyTeam doing to help make the return to business travel smoother?

Business travelers are a core segment of our members’ businesses. Customer recognition is at the heart of SkyTeam and we’re working to make the return to travel as smooth as possible, especially given current challenges at global airports.

To help make travel easier, SkyTeam is making COVID-19 health credential checks simpler and more straightforward with a new SKYCLEARED boarding pass indicator. This signals a customer’s health credentials meet COVID-19 travel requirements their entire itinerary, with documents only needing to be validated at the first touchpoint on their trip – even if you’re connecting onto another SkyTeam member. Meanwhile, SkyTeam and our members remain focused on safety and cleanliness through our continued commitment to SkyCare&Protect, a multi-layered, standardized approach to health and hygiene measures across our network.

For over 10 years, SkyTeam and its members have offered SkyPriority airport services to Elite, First and Business Class customers across our network. SkyPriority is instantly recognizable, which customers appreciate because they can expect recognition and high-quality service at every airport, whichever airline they fly with, simply by following the red signs.

Later this year we will be rolling out an enhanced version of our SkyPriority Audit app to help deliver an even more customer-centric experience. The app collects customers’ feedback in almost real-time as they move through airport touchpoints, which airlines use to improve the airport experience.


How committed is SkyTeam to making air travel more sustainable?

There’s no substitute for reconnecting with colleagues, friends and families in person but as airlines, we have a responsibility to do everything we can to reduce air travel’s environmental impact.

In May, SkyTeam launched a first-ever airline sustainability initiative of its kind – The Sustainable Flight Challenge - targeting a greener immediate future for aviation by harnessing friendly competition. Hundreds of innovative ideas have been generated by the 22 flights operated as part of the challenge. We plan to share these across members so they can adopt new solutions that will make a viable difference to how they fly.

There’s simply no time to lose waiting for future technologies as we target net zero. That’s why SkyTeam united our global members and challenged them to find new solutions to make air travel more sustainable – now.


What can travelers expect from SkyTeam in the coming months?

There’s always plenty on the horizon at SkyTeam! As well as delivering innovations that make check-in and health credentials validation easier, we’re laser focused on delivering more choice, which is key to meeting customers’ expectations.

Through the Digital Spine, we will be introducing cross-selling of seats and other ancillary products such as bags across our members. Offering à la carte options gives customers the power to build the travel experience they want at a price that suits, while offering airlines incremental revenues from selling ancillary products.