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GBTA Convention 2021 will be the largest gathering of business travel professionals since the onset of the pandemic and the subsequent impact to our industry.  New and updated sponsorship opportunities are available to increase your organization’s brand awareness at this year’s event. Contact GBTA today at sponsor@gbta.org to begin discussing how your organization can make the greatest impact.


Buyers attend Convention to network, meet new suppliers and connect with existing contacts

73% of buyer attendees believe that being a sponsor show loyalty & supports GBTA members

The majority of buyer attendees are introduced to new organizations through sponsorships

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“It's a clear demonstration that you truly engaged with the industry and that brings about all those other loyalties and so forth and it kind of trickles down to loyalty of that buyer, if they see your name [it’s] like supporting the industry itself.”

GBTA Supplier Summit - Buyer Panel

“I think it shows that you're a player on the world stage. Global Business Travel Association is global. It's the premier association. If I see your name linked with a really great speaker or event, I'm likely to remember that and think of that sponsor as incredibly engaged and my future, my program and my betterment in the industry.”

GBTA Supplier Summit - Buyer Panel

“I think it shows loyalty to the industry. It shows partnership to the industry and that you're here and you're not going anywhere really.”

GBTA Supplier Summit - Buyer Panel

**All statistics cited are sourced from the 2019 Post-Convention Survey.

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