GBTA Convention 2019 - Education

The evolution of business travel is here. Learn more about the 175+ education sessions on topics ranging from the latest travel security risks to emerging technological solutions to your day-to-day management issues.

Specific education session information will be made available soon. Education sessions for 2019 will be centered around the tracks below. You can view a preview of what to expect below. 


How do today’s technological challenges and opportunities affect a travel buyer’s decision-making? Learn how the future of accommodations is being shaped by evolving technologies.

Career and Personal Development

Are you stuck in your career or are simply looking to take the next step? These sessions were designed to answer your questions on how to get ahead in the competitive world of business travel.

Cost Control

Learn about the precautions your company can take ranging from preparation to implementation of new policies to keep costs low.

Data Analytics

Discover cutting-edge data analytics which travel managers have adopted to streamline their policies.


Learn how the growing trend of consolidation has affected business travel and the actions you can take the address it.

Human Resources & Management

Explore the intersection of responsibilities between Human Resources and Travel Management. Discover how to streamline the two roles for one common goal.

Meetings & Events

Explore the various obstacles and opportunities which are needed to pull of the perfect meeting or event.


Travelers today crave autonomy and personalization due to the rise in travel apps and services. Find out how to balance traveler satisfaction and compliance with new mobile technologies.

Payment Solutions

Are you aware of the latest digital payment solutions? Learn about new technologies, best practices and more to streamline your organization’s payment structure.

Procurement & Sourcing

Budgeting and contracting are two of the most important aspects of any travel program. Keep your procurement process organized as the industry’s leading experts provide tips and best practices.

Risk Management / Duty of Care

Risks associated with the current technological, environmental, and geopolitical landscape affect how your clients conduct business meetings. Learn about the latest risks – and find out how to address them with strategic policy.

Stakeholder Management

Learn how to balance the preferences of multiple stakeholders to create a satisfactory travel program with these sessions on best practices, policies and more.


Learn about the social, economic, and ecological benefits to incorporating sustainability policies.


Discover the latest technological innovations impacting the industry and that have changed factors from traveler behavior to payment solutions.


Shifts in technology and traveler behavior has altered the landscape of transportation. Find out how to adapt your travel policies to accommodate these shifts.