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Ways to be more sustainable at Convention 2024

Do you want to help make Convention greener? Commit to the following green actions as part of your
  • Calculate and offset your travel emissions using the GBTA offsetting tool (in partnership with South Pole)
  • Walk or take public transport to and from all GBTA programming
  • Bring your own water bottle to all GBTA programming
  • Separate your waste thoughtfully and use the correct bins
  • Try an all-vegan or all-vegetarian meal during your trip to Atlanta

Why does GBTA choose to offset its emissions?

GBTA is committed to reducing the environmental impact of its events as much as possible. However,
for those unavoidable emissions, we choose to offset the emissions related to Convention to contribute
to driving investment and innovation in low-carbon technologies and practices.

Recap: Convention 2023 Emissions and Sustainability Wins

GBTA values sustainability, and we’ve been tracking the emissions for Convention and our Europe
Conference since 2022.

Emissions calculations are the necessary first step towards reducing the environmental impact of our
events. These calculations will guide our decision-making, allowing GBTA to identify emission hotspots,
set reduction targets, and implement strategies to mitigate their environmental footprint.

GBTA is committed to fostering accountability and driving sustainable practices. Emissions calculations
play a key role in shaping a more environmentally responsible future.

Green Wins From Convention 2023

Shuttle Service - Sus Convention
Furniture Donation - Sus Convention
Vegetarian Meal Sus Convention
Water Bottles Sus Convention

GBTA is constantly working on making our events more sustainable.

Please help GBTA improve its events’ sustainability efforts! Submit your ideas to