Corporate Travel Team Program - GBTA Convention 2022

Corporate Travel Team Program

The Corporate Travel Team Program was introduced to help companies like yours bring more of your travel buyer team to GBTA Convention. The Corporate Travel Team Program provides value to your investment while making it easier for your organization to reach its business goals.

Here’s how it works:

Organizations will receive unlimited complimentary buyer registrations after four (4) paid registrations. Attendees must be active, direct members of GBTA to qualify.

Organizations bringing 4+ buyers to Convention 2022 will receive:

  • $100 off the current registration rate for the first four (4) paid buyer member registrations along with complimentary registrations after the first four (4) paid buyer member registrations
  • Preferred housing at the Convention 2022 HQ hotels (limited availability - early registration is strongly recommended)
  • Complimentary meeting room for one day during convention
  • Reserved table for Main Stage Lunches 

Training for 2022 and Beyond. Ensure your entire team is prepared for the future of business travel.

The GBTA Convention 2022 educational program is designed to give you personalized, actionable takeaways for your specific travel or meetings management program.

Address Company Needs.

Our Expo floor will feature exhibitors from around the world, each offering time or cost-saving solutions or benefits designed to improve employee satisfaction or safety. Find the right tools for your organizational needs.

Ready to begin the process for your organization? 

Please fill out the CTTP Participation Form.


CTTP Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my company is qualified for the CTTP?

Companies qualify for the CTTP after 4 direct GBTA members from the same company or holding company have registered, beginning with the 5th attendee, all others are complimentary, as long as they have a GBTA industry or all access membership.

Do all attendees have to register at the same time?

No, all attendees can register separately. Once 4 direct GBTA Members have registered please fill out the CTTP Participation Form.

Can attendees be located in different offices?

Yes, attendees can be located in different offices as long as all attendees work for the same company.

What are the steps to obtain the $100 refund?

Once the CTTP Participation Form is completed, reviewed and approved, all applicable refunds will be issued to each individual person after all 4 registrations are paid.

Refunds will be received within 10-14 business days.

How does my company reserve a meeting room or lunch table?

Fill out the CTTP Participation Form as indicated above and a confirmation email will be sent within 10-14 business days.  Please note:  if the table is not full, your team could be combined with another company that is also participating in the program.