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Call For Proposals

Call for Education Session Proposals for GBTA Conference 2022 – Brussels in Partnership with VDR

8–10 November 2022
Submission Portal Opened on 3 March 2022
Submission Portal Closed on 6 April 2022
Questions? Contact Catherine Logan

GBTA is seeking industry professionals to contribute new ideas, solutions, and innovations for current issues and challenges that confront the travel industry. Now more than ever, content focused on the industry’s recovery will be critical. Our highest-rated presenters have challenged conventional wisdom and have been willing to share real “lessons learned.”

GBTA event attendees include corporate travel managers, consultants and industry suppliers from the airline, hotel, car, card, agency, and travel technology communities. Please note the audience consists of travel buyers and suppliers new to the travel industry (0-3 years), mid-career managers/directors (4-10 years) and seasoned, strategic industry professionals (11+ years).

We recognize there are still many post-pandemic unknowns that may affect your 2022 budget and travel approvals. However, we hope you will continue to submit outstanding content. Opportunities may arise for you to deliver your session virtually. As a reminder, GBTA is always looking for education topics, white papers, toolkits and other resources to share with our members.

Proposal Details



Title should describe session and provoke interest in attending.

Session Description


Description should clearly describe the purpose and specifically detail what the attendees will learn. Recommended 2-4 sentences used to market your session to attendees.

Content Level

Session content should be developed at one of the three levels described below:

  • Fundamental – Content presented at a fundamental level focused on the understanding of a topic or issue. Attendees will have limited or no knowledge of the topic and most likely will have 0-3 years of experience in travel.
  • Applied – Content focus is application, comprehension and explanation of topics or issue. Attendees will be interactive and looking for practical application. Most individuals will be mid-career and in managerial or director-types of roles (4-10 years of experience).
  • Strategic – Content must be high-level and focus on innovation, change management, and strategic in nature. Attendees will be senior-level executives and experts in the field looking for innovative content that strategically advances business outcomes (11+ years of experience).

Measurable Learning Objectives


The learning outcomes should reflect actionable content and focus on behavior. Each sentence should start with a measurable, action verb and outcomes constructed based on the level of content delivered. Please refer to Bloom’s Taxonomy for a complete list of action verbs at the various learner level. Please note: Avoid use of non-measurable terms such as understand, know, learn, and comprehend; and instead use terms such as solve, develop, analyze, create, and apply.

Note: it is important that you clearly articulate what the audience will “take away” from this session and/or how they can apply the information in their daily work.

Topic Areas

Please select the area that best represents your content. As we are aware that you may have content addressed in multiple areas, we ask that you select the BEST content category.

  • Accommodations (includes transient, long-term housing and home sharing)
  • Career and Personal Development (includes leadership, sales, health and wellness)
  • Data Analytics & Distribution
  • Human Resources & Stakeholder Management (includes communication, policy, DEI initiatives)
  • Meetings & Events
  • Mobility (includes immigration, relocation, travel documentation)
  • Payment Solutions
  • Procurement & Sourcing (includes cost control)
  • Risk Management/Duty of Care
  • Sustainability & Responsibility
  • Technology/Innovation (includes AI and machine learning)

Session Type

Presentations are 45-minute sessions. Indicate if this is a panel discussion or lecture/case study presentation. Regardless of the session type, please remember adult learners desire an interactive, engaging learning environment. We recommended 25-35 minutes of content and at least 10-20 minutes for Q&A or some type of attendee engagement. GBTA will provide access to for in-session polling/engagement.


Regardless of presentation type, it is recommended each session should incorporate no more than three speakers. For panel discussions, the three speakers should be the moderator and two panelists. For lecturer-type presentations, the recommended maximum is three presenters. As we recognize there may be changes to the speaker line-up, the proposal should be submitted by the lead presenter (also called “session designer”). The GBTA Professional Development Team Members will be communicating regularly with this individual.

Presentation PPT


The review committee recognizes that updates will likely be made to the deck prior to August; however, the core messaging must be represented in this deck. This is an important piece of the submission and the content provided will be used to evaluate the relevance and quality of the content. Submitters must use the generic PPT deck and do NOT include any identifying information (i.e. company logo, speaker names). The deck can be found in the Attendee Interactive platform.

Evaluating the Proposals

Sessions will be evaluated in a structured, peer-review process and scored by a variety of travel buyers and suppliers in the following categories:
  • Content Relevance
  • Session Title and Description
  • Learning Outcomes/Takeaways
  • Format/Session Type
  • Overall Quality
PPT decks which include identifying information (i.e. company logo, speaker names) will be removed prior to evaluation

Important Details and Considerations

  • Proposals must be submitted via the online Attendee Interactive platform.
  • Sessions will be scheduled 9-10 November. Please do not submit a proposal unless you will be able to appear on any of the days.
  • Sales pitches for products or services disguised as proposals will NOT be evaluated. Content perceived as commercial, which includes examples of client tools are NOT acceptable.
  • GBTA requests permission to rebroadcast speaker image, printed materials, and/or voice and video recording(s) in connection with our 2022 live events.
  • Speakers maintain presentation content copyrights.
  • Presenters must use the approved GBTA template when submitting their final PPT. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE GBTA PPT TEMPLATE.
  • All accepted presentations must adhere to the established event deadlines.
  • Presenting at a session will earn you 3 GTP® Recertification credits.
  • All presenters must register for the Conference.
  • All travel expenses and any additional fees are the responsibility of the presenter(s).
  • GBTA does not pay any speaker fees or honorariums for presenting in the educational program.


Please contact GBTA at with any questions.