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2024 Speakers

Explore the GBTA Convention 2024 speakers below and stay tuned for more announcements coming soon.
Dan Ariely

Dan Ariely

Behavioral Economist, Best-selling Author, Speaker, Professor

Keynote: Understanding the Choices We Make

Main Stage on Monday, July 22

What drives the choices people make? What defines predictable behavior? As a renowned behavioral economist, professor and bestselling author, Dan Ariely dives into captivating stories and learnings about human behavior related to the choices we make every day. This is a session for every marketer, salesperson and influencer amongst us, who position options and rules to end users and then must decipher the outcomes.

Carla Harris

Carla Harris

Renowned international public speaker and is also a Senior Client Advisor at Morgan Stanley

Keynote: Building Trust and Refining Your Leadership Branding

Main Stage on Tuesday, July 23

What lessons can a Wall Street executive teach us about leadership and impact? Carla Harris wears many hats, as a Senior Client Advisor at Morgan Stanley, international motivational speaker, author, and professional singer. Here, she offers pearls of wisdom on how to “show up” for maximum impact, transforming our leadership approach through intentional trust building.

Dr. Bertrand Piccard

Dr. Bertrand Piccard

Initiator and Chairman of the Solar Impulse Foundation

Keynote: Looking To the Future in Sustainability and Innovation

Main Stage on Wednesday, July 24

Dr. Bertrand Piccard is a modern-day pioneer in aviation exploration and innovation – first with his 1999 record-breaking, around-the-world balloon journey, and then with his 2016 first-ever global circumnavigation in a solar-powered electric airplane. What can his daring adventure stories teach us about innovation, sustainability and human psychology? This session draws inspiration from Dr. Piccard’s incredible experiences and connects them to the human ingenuity needed to solve looming climate-related challenges in our industry and beyond.