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Media Day 2023

The GBTA Media Day 2023 takes place on Sunday, August 13th. Media Day is a long-standing part of Convention where sponsor and exhibitor partners have the opportunity to share their breaking news, announcements and innovations with an audience of media representatives who recognize the event as a sought-out source of industry insights

Current line-up of presenting companies for Media Day 2023:

A1A Global Ground

A1A Global Ground, a leader in the luxury ground transportation industry, announces it sold its first three area franchises and marks the beginning of a nationwide expansion plan.

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Advito announces its expanded partnership with traveler engagement platform, Tripkicks. Earlier this year, Advito announced that through integration with Tripkicks, calculations from its ISO-certified methodology GATE4 can be displayed in the air search results in Concur, giving travelers more information to make sustainable decisions. This partnership will now expand to include both the rail and the hotel search results in Concur.

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ALTOUR and CapTrav announce they are partnering to expand travel management to include both on-channel and of- channel bookings.

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American Express Global Business Travel

Amex GBT announces one of the world’s largest tech companies joins its SAF program with Shell Aviation

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AmTrav, the one connected platform for business travel, launches a better way to make travel changes with its new self-service solution. AmTrav’s Change Trip functionality provides business travelers a faster alternative to research and make any changes to their itinerary within the AmTrav platform, without the extra hassle and time spent chatting, calling or emailing a travel agent.

Begin Viewing at: 22:00 - 27:00

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BCD Travel

BCD Travel announces the transformation of guest travel management with BCD Invite, a secure, global solution to one of the most time-consuming and inefficient manual processes facing travel managers today.

Begin Viewing at: 1:36:20 - 1:41:00

Corporate Travel Management (CTM)

Corporate Travel Management (CTM) announces new product features within our proprietary online booking tool, Lightning. These new offerings bring users intelligent inclusive content and are highly relevant to current market challenges.

Begin Viewing at: 1:18:19 - 1:22:42

Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines is investing in business travel, whether a company has five employees or 15,000. They announced a best-in-class product for its agency partners who are working alongside Delta to drive value for our mutual SME accounts. These tools will lay the foundation for future innovations in the corporate and TMC space.

Begin Viewing at: 27:30 - 30:57

Fox World Travel

Fox World Travel unveiled their latest exclusive and award-winning technology into their technology portfolio, revolutionizing the travel industry for both travel managers and guests. This groundbreaking solution emerged from the specific needs of a valued client, prompting Fox to thoroughly analyze and address the
inefficiencies and challenges of the client’s existing process.

Begin Viewing at: 31:03 - 37:10

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HQ, the industry-leading platform for corporate mobility, announces a seamless self-service solution for ground transportation. This innovative product simplifies the management of global ground transportation programs, allowing businesses of all sizes to take advantage of HQ SummitGround®’s advanced capabilities without the need for technical integration.

Begin Viewing at: 37:20 - 40:25

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ITILITE launches an incredible opportunity for companies to earn up to 3% cashback on their travel spend. Seamless payment and unmatched convenience now come with the most generous cashback program in business travel. Along with the cashback, the company is introducing a series of new AI capabilities across business travel to ease out booking as well as analytics.

Begin Viewing at: 46:05 - 51:18

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Internet Travel Solutions (ITS)

ITS launches of a tightly integrated corporate travel and expense solution, inclusive of a branded credit card that incorporates physical, virtual, and tokenized payment options. The single card can be used for multiple purposes, simplifying the expense management, tracking, and oversight experience for corporate clients.

View at 40:33 - 45:59

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PredictX announces plans to release a new version of its AI-powered analytics platform that for the first time brings together the power of predictive analytics and generative AI. This will enable travel managers to transform the value proposition of their role to their organization.

Begin Viewing at: 59:20 - 1:04:47

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Sabre Corporation

Sabre announces new lodging content sources and AI-driven capabilities to help agencies and other travel buyers identify the best lodging options for their clients. Sabre also outlined broader applications of AI/ML for solutions utilized by travel buyers.

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Spotnana announces a partnership with ISOS including industry-first support for tracking travelers who have exchanged NDC fares.

View at 1:10:17 - 1:14:25

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TravelOperations announced the very first ERP and CRM system designed specifically for travel businesses powered by Microsoft's leading technology. To have a core travel ERP and CRM system on Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a novelty that will empower every single employee with technology designed to last long into the future with AI-powered features such as Microsoft Copilot.

Begin Viewing at: 1:14:33 - 1:18:07

Traverse Technologies (formerly nuTravel)

nuTravel announces its rebrand to Traverse Technologies, reaffirming the company’s mission of offering suppliers and corporate travel buyers more control, flexibility, and needed optimization in their corporate direct booking solutions. Additionally, the company announces new airline partnerships.

Begin Viewing at: 51:33 - 59:12

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TRIPBAM announces a new content source analysis offering as part of its air product suite. What that means is buyers will be able to see where they can find the cheapest fares, regardless of channel, and they can understand the full impact of NDC on their air programs.

Begin Viewing at: 1:22:49 - 1:24:50


TROOP launches TROOP ONE, a new all-in-one unified meeting planning solution. TROOP makes it easier than ever for companies to plan, organize, manage, and track small and midsize meetings with TROOP ONE, including the all new TROOP Local marketplace and TROOP API program.

Begin Viewing at: 1:25:00 - 1:30:07

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uCloudlink announces the launch of its revolutionary global mobile data and life experience marketplace.

Begin Viewing at: 1:36:20 - 1:41:00

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